There Are No Roof-Jumping Ninjas in Japan…

This might be the only thing left after construction...getting ready to start building! (Photo Credit: Amass Restaurant)

This might be the only thing left after construction…getting ready to start building! (Photo Credit: Amass Restaurant)

I still continue to be inspired by our trip up North to see Roddie. The thoughts of soft shell and Mahagony clams as well as the most amazing landscape are still racing through my mind.

Since returning to Copenhagen and getting back into the restaurant, a lot has happened. All of the final plans for the kitchen and the dining room have been signed off on. There have been meetings with three different painters. Demolition will begin on Thursday. I actually had to physically see something happen in the space before I left for Japan, so my wife and I rode out there to rip down some fabric and clean the bathrooms. I guess it was our own private ground breaking.

Japan on Wednesday!!!!  My anticipation for this trip to Japan is unbearable (Sorry Roddie, it is right up there with coming up to see you in the North). I have never been to Japan so I have this magical vision of what it will be like. I am sure the ninjas jumping roof to roof will not be there. Or the Samurais riding their horses through the field. But the fish market, the cherry blossoms, ramen fit for an emperor, and the most amazing Yakatori will be very real.

Our friends, Kat and Kim lived in Japan for four years and have been more than generous to put me in touch with the right people. First in Tokyo and then in Sapporo. I wont give away too much of what this trip will consist of because I will posting on the Blog while I am there. Rumor has it that Wi-Fi exists everywhere free of charge. I hope that rumor is a bit more realistic than my images of Ninjas and Samurais.

In the meanwhile, there “should” be loads of progress. I’ll post the “before” and “after” pictures as the space continues to evolve.

See you guys in Japan.